MR PPMI Study Research Protocol

Revised - 9/16/2014
Charge as Brain WO, "No protocol required", YES READ

What would Joe do? (WWJD)

The Sag T1 is the only sequence with specific parameters for this study. The Ax and Cor series are run as we would for a routine brain MRI. This is a Parkinson's research study, so the subjects may have tremors that will result in motion in the images. Do your best to pad the subjects to minimize motion.

Send all images to PACS and archive as usual.
RM 1 - 8ch Head Coil
Sequence   Change Parameters? Change # slices? Coverage/ Angulation
SAG 3D T1 NO NO Angle to the midline
AX PD/ T2 DUAL YES YES Angle to AC-PC Line
COR FLAIR YES YES Angle perpendicular to the Axial