MR MS / Cord lesion Thoracic Spine WWO

Use this protocol for:

Demyelinating disease (Multiple sclerosis, NMO, ADEM), myelitis, spinal cord lesion, spinal cord tumor, neurosarcoidosis. 

Coverage on sagittals:

Left-right coverage is less than our other spine protocols. Only the spinal cord and spinal canal need to be included. The neural foramina and other parts of the vertebrae do not need to be included.

Other notes:

Last updated: 1/21/22

Charge as: Thoracic Spine WWO

Scanner preference: Avoid MR1, if possible.

Coil: On all of our systems except MR1, add the torso coil anteriorly in combination with the table top and/or NV array coils.

Plane Weighting Mode Slice (mm) Gap (mm) FAT SAT FOV (cm) MPR Notes
SAG T2 2D TSE 3 0 no no
SAG PSIR 2D PSIR 3 0 no no Send phase and magnitude images
AXIAL T2 2D TSE 3 0.3 no 15 no
Hand inject contrast.
SAG T1 2D TSE dixon 3 0 Dixon: InPhase & Water only no
AXIAL T1 3D VIBE/THRIVE 3 0 YES 15 no Use 3-4 stations to cover whole spine.