Radiology Fellowships

Sub-Specialty Imaging Sections and their Fellowships

The Department of Diagnostic Radiology at OHSU employs sub-specialized radiologists and several full-time staff physicists. We have a multitude of reading rooms equipped with PACS workstations for reviewing and dictating scans. Image processing workstations including Philips, Invivo, and AGFA are available for image analysis, perfusion, DTI, and functional MR imaging processing.

We are committed to training the next generation of radiologists to continue advancing the role of imaging in clinical care and research. Approximately 140,000 examinations are performed in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology each year. In addition, the affiliated Portland VA Medical Center and Shriners Children’s Hospital are co-located on the Marquam Campus, increasing the department’s exposure to a wide variety of clinical pathologies. The department’s advanced facilities and expert mentors give radiologists-in-training the skills required to become well-rounded clinicians and leaders in academic biomedical imaging.

Diagnostic Radiology MRI PACS Image of the liver with hepatobiliary-specific contrast agent to allow for accurate evaluation of metastatic liver lesions.

Body Imaging Fellowship

Cardiac MRI for Radiology

Cardiothoracic Imaging Fellowship

A fibrillation line on a red emergency care, plus sign symbol

Emergency Imaging Fellowship

MSK MR Adult Shoulder

Musculoskeletal Imaging and Intervention

Diagnostic Radiology Neuroradiology DTI Image B

Neuroradiology Fellowship

Diagnostic Radiology PET FDG PACS image of Cardiac Sarcoidosis.

Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

DCH Hallway to Radiology MRI Suite

Pediatric Radiology