MR Games-RP Research Protocol

Scan Notes:

This is another stroke research study – these patients are 72-96 hours from continuous drug administration, so the timing of scan will be based on that – the study coordinator will be able to let you know what times period the scan needs to be done in. These patients will be inpatients, but exam will be done on a research order.

Last updated: 4/12/19
Charge as: Brain WO and MRA Head WO
Scanner preference: MR1or MR3 only
Coil: 8-ch Head Coi

Sequence Weighting Change Parameters? Change # slices? Coverage/ Angulation Notes
AX DWI NO NO Angle to AC-PC Line
AX DTI NO NO Angle to AC-PC Line, start coverage at vertex and extend as far as it will go inferiorly Will be processed by the study, does not need to be processed in Intellispace
AX FLAIR NO NO Angle to AC-PC Line
AX T2* FFE NO NO Angle to AC-PC Line
AX TOF NO NO Cover Circle of Willis