MR Trigeminal Neuralgia Brain WWO Neuro Protocol

Scan Notes: This protocol is usually only ordered by Dr. Burchiel.

Last updated: 12/2/19
Charge as: Brain WO
Scanner preference: 3T only
Coil: Head

Plane Weighting Mode Slice Gap FAT SAT FOV Notes
COW 3D TOF 3D FFE 1mm 0mm None 20cm MRA COW
Axial DWI 2mm Voxel SE EPI 3mm 0.3mm SPIR 23cm Angle to Corpus - Skull Base to Vertex
Axial 3D Balanced FFE B-FFE 0.58mm 0mm None 16cm Angle to Corpus. Medula to upper pons (limited coverage). See image below.
COR MPR from BFFE 0.5mm 0mm MPR coverage: posterior surface of pons to anterior margin of the sella turcica
SAG MPR from BFFE 0.5mm 0mm MPR coverage: mid temporal lobe to mid temporal lobe
MR Brain WWO Neuro Protocol Axial Image