Education at OHSU

Registrar and Financial Aid

Getting started at OHSU

This is an informal guide to help you get started at OHSU. From applying for financial aid to when to get your ID badge, review the steps below to help you on your way.

Admissions — including prerequisite requirements and application deadlines — are handled by each school and program directly, and may involve applying through an external system. Visit Programs and Schools to learn about application requirements for your area of interest.

The Financial Aid Office thoroughly reviews your application for aid, and the best possible assistance is offered to help cover the costs of attending. There are four general types of financial aid: scholarships, grants, loans and employment. The types of aid you will be awarded will depend on many things, including your program of study, financial need and available aid.

You must be formally admitted into a financial aid-approved degree or certificate program at OHSU before your application for financial aid will be reviewed. Therefore, students are encouraged to apply for financial aid before being officially admitted in order to meet certain financial aid deadlines. Once the Financial Aid Office is notified of your admission to the university, a review of your financial aid application will begin. Waiting until you have been admitted to the university to apply for financial aid may adversely affect your financial aid award. Visit Financial Aid.

Thirty days prior to the start of the new term, OHSU's Information Technology Group will communicate user name and access instructions directly to new students. ITG will provide an email address to log on to the secure network. Students will also receive login information for the Student Information System.

All students must be issued an OHSU ID badge. Students must complete the following requirements before orientation to receive a badge:

  • Respect at the University
  • Integrity Foundations
  • Information Privacy and Security Essentials
  • Other Compass training, if applicable
  • Background check
  • Submit pre-entrance immunization form to the Joseph B. Trainer Health and Wellness Center
  • Submit a passport-style photo to your program coordinator. Please be aware that the same rules that apply to a passport apply to an OHSU ID badge photo. Those rules include:
    • The photo must be in color
    • Taken in front of a plain or off-white background
    • Taken with a full face view, directly facing the camera
    • Taken from the top of shoulders up
    • Taken within the last 6 months

New students should stay in contact with school or program representatives to make sure all requirements are completed by the appropriate deadlines.

New student orientation is an extensive onboarding program that brings together incoming students from different schools and programs to learn about services, amenities and co-curricular activities available across the Marquam Hill and South Waterfront campuses.

The orientation experience is interdisciplinary in nature to help facilitate dialogue, teamwork and collaboration among students as well as begin to prepare them for an interprofessional approach to education. Exposing students to an interactive approach from the first day of the term helps to promote student participation, foster appreciation and the understanding of other disciplines, as well as model strategies for future health care and research practice.

New students will receive notification of the Orientation schedule as part of their new student packet. Orientations take place in Summer and Fall terms; students admitted in Winter or Spring will be scheduled for the next available Summer or Fall Orientation session.

During new student orientation, OHSU's Transportation and Parking office will be on site to distribute ID badges. Badges can be picked up between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.  Students must present a state-issued ID to pick-up their OHSU ID badge.

Students may purchase discounted TriMet transit passes on the day of orientation. Transit passes are available beginning 6:30 p.m.