MR Orbits WO - Limited

Indication: This is a limited MRI exam of the obits used to assess orbital inflammation, primarily in patients with known or suspected thyroid eye disease, under the care of a rheumatologist or ophthalmologist. 

Coronal orbits coverage: Anterior margin of globe to anterior surface of pons, perpendicular to axis of the orbital segment of the optic nerves. 

Sagittal coverage: Same as from the Face, Sinus & Skull Base protocol. Ear-to-ear, top of frontal sinus to hyoid bone and all of mandible, centered on posterior nasal cavity with FOV of about 180 x 180. Okay to exclude posterior neck/brain and superior brain.

Last updated: 3/8/22
Charge as: Orbits WO
Scanner preference: Avoid MR1 if possible
Coil: Head

Plane Weighting Mode Slice (mm) Gap (mm) FAT SAT FOV (cm) MPR Notes
COR STIR 2D TSE 2 0.25 YES 17 no Orbits only. Coronal coverage details above.
SAG T1 3D TSE 0.7 0 no 18 AXIAL, COR See sagittal coverage note above.