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Visit the OHSU Experts portal, a searchable database that allows you to explore the research expertise of individual investigators, OHSU’s schools, institutes, centers, and departments, as well as collaboration networks within OHSU and with external scholars.

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Each week, OHSU Research Development compiles a list of funding opportunities from internal, government, and private philanthropic sponsors. It’s published on Thursdays in OHSU Now.

Medical Research Foundation

The Medical Research Foundation has a new website! Find all the info you need about MRF awards and grants there. 

Spotlight on OHSU researchers

OHSU scientists pack a lot of passion into this short video about their research aiming to cure blood cancers, double the life of dental fillings, address mental health in teens, improve treatments for heart disease and much more. Enjoy the video!

Our vision

OHSU researchers transform science every day with their discoveries. Whether it is in the lab, the clinic, the community, or the larger world, our work is challenging the status quo to improve health for all Oregonians and beyond.

How do we do it? By working together across disciplines and with partners all over the world. OHSU is renowned for both its collaborative culture and its freedom to innovate. Our resources and culture provide support ambitious experimentation, leading to major discoveries in neuroscience, cancer biology and treatment, infectious disease, and beyond.

More access to specialized research facilities

OHSU is one of five universities to join a new reciprocal rate agreement that makes it easier for scientists to share specialized research cores at OHSU, the University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Portland State University, and Oregon Tech.