MR Pediatric Cervical Spine WO

Is there a history of Chiari Malformation?

Perform the optional coronal VIBE/THRIVE only if Chiari is mentioned in the order. 

Is a Cine sequence mentioned in the order?

Perform the optional cine sequences below only if cine imaging was requested in the order. Be aware that there are two different cine techniques: phase contrast cine (to evaluate CSF flow) and gated TrueFISP/bFFE (to evaluate motion of soft tissues). Phase contrast cine is the variety we most commonly perform. 

Other notes:

  • Do not change parameters including sense factors to reduce scan time. 
  • Last updated: 3/18/22
  • Charge as: Cervical Spine WO
  • Scanner preference: DCH7
  • Coil: NV and Anterior Torso Coil
Plane Weighting Mode Slice (mm) Gap (mm) FAT SAT FOV (cm) MPR (mm) Notes
SAG T2 3D TSE 1 or less 0 or less no AXIAL 1/0
SAG T2 2D TSE dixon 3 0 Dixon: InPhase & Water only no
SAG T1 FLAIR 2D IR-TSE 3 0 no no
optional COR VIBE/THRIVE 3D GRE 1 0 no no Only run if Chiari mentioned. See above.
optional SAG PC-cine Only run if requested. Midline sag. VENC 10.
optional AXAL PC-cine Only run if requested. At foramen magnum. VENC 10.
optional SAG Gated TrueFISP cine Only run if ordered. Order should specify the region of interest.
MR Peds Cervical Spine Image 1