MR Soft Tissue Neck WO ENT Protocol


Sagittal: Lateral sides of neck. Mid-orbit to mid aortic arch. Tip of nose and all of posterior neck. FOV about 210 x 210. Okay to exclude posterior neck/brain and superior brain.  

Coronal: Incisor teeth to back of neck. Mid orbits to mid aortic ach. Lateral sides of ears. FOV about 240 FH and 180 LR.

Axial: Mid orbits to mid aortic arch.  FOV in 180-210 range. Okay to exclude posterior part of brain and posterior neck. 

Last updated: 1/21/22
Charge as: Neck WO
Scanner preference: Avoid MR1, if possible.
Coil: NV or Spine

Plane Weighting Mode Slice (mm) Gap (mm) FAT SAT FOV (cm) MPR Notes
SAG T1 3D TSE 0.7 0 no 21 no See sagittal coverage note above.
AXIAL DWI EPI 3 0.3 YES 22 no See axial coverage note above.
COR T2 2D TSE 2.5 0.25 Dixon: InPhase & Water only 22 no See coronal coverage note above.
AXIAL T2 2D TSE 3 0.3 Dixon: InPhase & Water only 21 no See axial coverage note above.