Dr. Jacoby November 2021

Dean David Jacoby, M.D., welcomes you to the OHSU School of Medicine.

Dr. Jacoby is an accomplished educator, clinician and researcher. Following his training, he spent 13 years on the faculty at Johns Hopkins, where he served as research director for the division of pulmonary and critical care, and was Firm Faculty, a designation reserved for faculty most involved in house staff education.

Dr. Jacoby came to OHSU as chief of pulmonary and critical care in 2003, and led the expansion of that division in patient care, research and education. He is professor of medicine and of chemical physiology and biochemistry and director of the M.D./Ph.D. Training Program. He became interim chair of the Department of Medicine in 2017 and permanent chair in 2018, before OHSU President Danny Jacobs appointed him dean in December 2022, succeeding Dr. Sharon Anderson.

Please read Dr. Jacoby's full bio.

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Residency ready: M.D. students celebrate the next stage of their careers on Match Day
The luck of the Irish held when the students participating in the match posted a 100% match rate, with all 165 eligible students matching to a residency program.

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Several School of Medicine faculty members nominated by deans across the institution are spotlighted in this OHSU Brand Strategies video series:

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Seal above old library stating Scientia Medica Continuet

Recognizing excellence in the School of Medicine
This new monthly feature shares the milestones of School of Medicine faculty, staff, trainees and students.

Celebrating Women’s History Month
In honor of Women’s History Month, we commemorate and encourage the study, observance and celebration of women throughout history. 

A time of renewal for the AAPI community
“It was inspiring to see so many current and future Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander leaders gather together, who care so deeply about fighting Asian hate and health disparities in our communities," said National Conference Co-Director Hannah Moon, Med24.  

More than 150 pre-med mentees are paired with mentors!
Pay It Forwarda medical student-run mentorship program in the SoM and part of OASIS, pairs current medical students with undergraduate mentees from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds to create a more equitable workforce, reduce health disparities and increase cultural competence.

Poor sleep early in development can impact sleep patterns later in life
The School of Medicine's paper of the month, “Early life sleep disruption has long lasting, sex specific effects on later development of sleep in prairie voles” was published in Neurobiology of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms