The OHSU School of Medicine is a learning community.

Our clinicians care for patients in our hospital, clinics and, increasingly, in communities across the state, learning from and bolstering local providers and expanding access to cutting-edge care. Our researchers seek therapies for the most pernicious diseases while increasingly tapping community knowledge to tackle health disparities. Our educators innovate to prepare the next generation to advance health.

Committed to public service, we do our work with confidence but also, increasingly, with the humility to realize what we don’t know. We are leaning into our discomfort, widening the perspectives at the table, and listening to more voices – including those of our learners – to improve the climate of inclusion, respect and safety in our academic community. Join us.

Sharon Anderson, M.D.
Dean, OHSU School of Medicine

State of the School: Tackling structural racism is “on us”

Dean Sharon Anderson calls on white people to act (June 26)
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Photo from left: Lisa Barnhart, Marcia DeCaro, Amy Garcia and Sue Simmons
Photo from left: Lisa Barnhart, Marcia DeCaro, Amy Garcia and Sue Simmons
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