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Brett Johnson, Ph.D., (left) Gordon Mills, M.D., Ph.D., and Joshi Alumkal, M.D., in one of the shared laboratory areas within the Knight Cancer Research Building.

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Do you need to put together a multi-disciplinary team to tackle a large research project? Are you looking for a mentor or just curious about new faculty and the work they're doing? Use OHSU Experts to find out who does what at Oregon Health & Science University. OHSU Experts works by automatically pulling publication data from Scopus, a comprehensive abstract and citation database, to help you identify researcher expertise and connections among authors. It also pulls information from a number of grant databases so you can view who funds the research.

How do I use the OHSU Experts database?

Researchers, you can use the database to:

  • Track your publications
  • Publicize your experience
  • Identify potential collaborators
  • See where other authors have published

Research administrators, you can use the database to:

  • Identify experts at OHSU
  • Find researchers for funding opportunities
  • Understand connections within and between departments to facilitate collaboration
  • Download expertise data for further analysis

Who is considered an OHSU Expert?

To be listed as an Expert in the OHSU Experts database, you must have a full-time faculty appointment and at least three publications listed in Scopus. The OHSU Experts list is updated quarterly. Contact funding@ohsu.edu to inquire about being added to the list.

Updating your profile

To make a correction to your profile, please contact funding@ohsu.edu.

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