MR Routine Cervical Spine WO

Common indications:

Degenerative disease. Neck pain or radiculopathy with no red flags. If there is a history of MS, please use dedicated MS spine protocol. 

Coverage on true sagittals:

L-R coverage must include all of the vertebral bodies. 

Coverage of right and left sagittal oblique sequences:

Mid-clivus to mid T1 VB. 4 cm thick. Perpendicular to upper neural foramina, 45º off of true sagittal.

Other notes:

Last updated: 1/24/22
Charge as: Cervical Spine WO
Scanner preference: 1.5T or 3T preferred. Avoid MR1.

Plane Weighting Mode Slice (mm) Gap (mm) FAT SAT FOV (cm) MPR (mm) Notes
SAG T2 3D TSE 1 0 no AXIAL 1/0
SAG T2 2D TSE 3 0.3 Dixon: InPhase & Water only no
SAG T1 FLAIR 2D IR-TSE 3 0.3 no no
R SAG OBL T1 VIBE/THRIVE 2 -1 no 18 cm no
L SAG OBL T1 VIBE/THRIVE 2 -1 no 18 cm no