MR Renal Arterial Sclerosis W/WO Protocol


  • See notes on positioning sat bands for Ax 3D BTFE 
  • Send ADC maps
  • Send Subtractions
  • FOV: do not include patient’s arms

Breath holds:

  • Scan on expiration.
  • Monitor that patient is breath-holding. Breathe the patient slowly so they have time to follow instructions. Do not start scan until the patient has stopped breathing.
  • Give 2L O2 if it will help with breath-holds UNLESS PATIENT HAS COPD OR ANOTHER REASON NOT TO GIVE O2.

Last updated: 4/12/19
Charge as: Abdomen WWO
Scanner preference: 1.5T 
Coil: Torso Coil

Plane Weighting Mode Slice Gap FAT SAT FOV Notes
Cor T2 SSFSE BH 5mm 0.5mm N Kidneys through pelvis Ensure good signal over kidneys.
Axial T1 Dual Echo SPGR BH 5mm 0.5mm N Liver through kidneys May be separated into overlapping stacks if patient cannot breath-hold. Do not interleave images.
Axial T2 3D BTFE BH - - Y Center over renal arteries Three SAT bands. Please see NOTES and diagram below.
Cor T1 3D mDixon pre BH - - Y Kidneys through lower abdomen. Include the Aorta! Ensure quality before contrast injection, ie wrap. Try not to use SENSE. Wrap into the edges of the image. Wrap cannot be in the image center (Thus, do not use SENSE).To decrease scan time, exclude anterior abdomen and paraspinal mucles.

Contrast injection

Power inject 2mL/sec. Trigger when contrast reaches SMA.

Plane Weighting Mode Slice Gap FAT SAT FOV Notes
Cor T1 3D mDixon - - Y Kidneys through lower abdomen. Include the Aorta! Exact parameters as the pre-mDixon. Recon into thin axials & coronals.
Axial T1 3D mDixon - - Y Through renal arteries through bifurcation May be done in 2 slabs.
Cor T1 3D mDixon - - Y Kidneys through lower abdomen 5-minute post
Axial T2 TSE RT 5mm 1mm SPAIR Liver through kidneys
Axial T2 SSFSE RT 7mm 1mm Y Entire liver Optional sequence if T2 SPAIR is poor quality.


AX 3D BTFE: Total of 3 Sat bands

  • 1 Oblique Sat band over each of the renal cortices, but NOT hila.
    • Straight sagittal on the sagittal plane (aka straight coronal on the sagittal plane).
    • Angled over renal cortices on transverse and coronal planes.
  • 1 Oblique Sat band inferior to kidneys.

Images obtained from here

MR Renal Arterial Stenosis protocol - Scanning for Coronal 3D mDixon
Scanning for Coronal 3D mDixion
MR Renal Arterial Sclerosis Protocol - Scanning for 3D BTFE
Scanning for 3D BTFE