MR Humerus WO or W/WO Protocol

Revised - 2/22/19
Charge as Humerus WO or W/WO

  • 1.5T or 3T
  • XL Torso Coil
  • If hardware is present:
    • Do STIR instead of fat-sat mid-TE
    • If WITH CONTRAST, do non-fat-sat T1 post-contrast
Plane Weighting Mode Slice Gap FAT SAT FOV Scan Range
AXIAL T1 TSE 4-6mm 1mm None 20cm From Shoulder to Elbow (Skin to Skin)Run as two stacks for best homogeneity
AXIAL Mid TE T2 FAT SAT TSE 4-6mm 1mm SPAIR 20cm Same as AX T1
COR T1 TSE 3mm 0.5mm None 40cm Angle to Distal Humeral Condyles
COR T2 STIR TSE 3mm 0.5mm STIR 40cm 1.5T Ti=150ms
SAG T1 TSE 3mm 0.5mm None 40cm Same as COR T1
AXIAL T1 Fat Sat TSE 4-6mm 1mm SPIR 20cm Same as pre
COR T1 Fat Sat TSE 3mm 0.5mm SPIR 40cm Same as pre