Diagnostic Radiology Policies

MCN policy manager

MCN Policy Manager is OHSU's institution wide centralized policy database created to achieve two main functions :

  • Centralized location for users to find policies
  • Standardized policy management system and format to allow scheduled reviews, including tracking of changes and formal approval processes for policies.

Policy and procedure defined

A policy is a defined course of action, or rule, adopted by an organization. It answers the questions 'who,' 'what' and 'why.' It sets direction. Compliance is mandatory.

A procedure is a step-by-step set of instructions on how to perform a specific task or solve a problem. It answers the question 'how.' It is a description of activities involved in implementing a policy.

Quick tips:

After logging into policy manager, one can 'browse manuals" and find a Radiology manual among others.  Simple and advanced search functions also allow searching by policy title or keywords. Commonly accessed policies can be saved by the individual user as "favorites". Previously viewed policies for an individual user can be found in "recent documents".  Help can be found in the "Reference Library" manual.

Safety data sheets

Hazardous materials can pose a risk to anyone handling them due to their carcinogenic, irritant or other toxic property. Employees can access information on proper handling of hazardous materials via Safety Data Sheets online at MSDSonline®

View the Hazardous Material Listing & Material Safety Data Sheets policy

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