MR Brain DTI Neuro Protocol

Scan Notes:
- This is usually an additional sequence requested by the physician or Radiologist.
- AX 3D T1 is always required whenever DTI is ordered.
- Additional Charge "MR RECONSTRUCTION 3D" is required
- Padding is ok unless specified as a Stereotactic
- No need to extend brain coverage on the AX 3d T1 like a stereotactic unless it is ordered that way
- Don't remove slices
- Do not angle on either DTI or AX 3D T1
- If adding to a brain exam, you can remove the AX T1 TSE, as the 3D T1 replaces this sequence. If running 3D T1 post gad, you must still run the pre AX T1.
- Send all sequences to PACS
- DTI can be run pre or post contrast

Last updated:3/21/2019
Charge as: MR Reconstruction 3D.
Scanner preference: 3T only
Coil: Head

Plane Weighting Mode Slice Gap FAT SAT FOV Notes
AXIAL 3D T1 - None 26cm DO NOT ANGLE. See notes above
AXIAL DTI - None 26cm DO NOT ANGLE. Cover the Entire Brain. No need for extra coverage like for stereotactic sequences.