MR Brain Pre DBS - VIM and Thalamotomy Neuro Protocol

Scan notes:

  • If the target isn’t specified in the order for pre-DBS, contact the RDO to verify if the “GPI” or “STN” or "VIM" protocol should be used.
  • OK to use padding and headphones for all DBS patients.
  • No angles on any sequences
  • YOU MUST GET THE IMAGES CHECKED prior to letting the patient go. These need to be checked either by a radiologist or someone from Neurosurgery. If the motion is too excessive, we need to get the ball started for arranging to have the exam done with GA, as many of these patients have surgery scheduled within days of the MRI.
  • Send images to PACS
  • No charge for the 3D Recon. 
  • As of 10/16/2019, DTI is not longer needed.

Last updated: 12/2/19
Charge as: Brain WO
Scanner preference: 3T only
Coil: Head

Plane Weighting Mode Slice Gap FAT SAT FOV Notes
AXIAL 3D T1 FFE None 26cm DO NOT ANGLE. Cover above the vertex of the brain at least 1 cm. Cover the nose.

A Radiologist or neurosurgery must check images before letting patient go.