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Headshot of Dr. Danny Jacobs, OHSU President |  Retrato del Dr. Danny Jacobs, Presidente de OHSU

Accountability during our anti-racism journey
Transforming OHSU into a truly anti-racist and multi-cultural institution is a journey. President Danny Jacobs and VP of  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Derick Du Vivier  OHSU News Sept. 11, 2020. 

Celebrating Juneteenth
Creating change is acknowledging that a problem exists. President Danny Jacobs. OHSU News June 19, 2020.

Taking action to address institutional racism
President Jacobs on our steps forward and OHSU's commitment to addressing structural racism. OHSU News June 5, 2020

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

OHSU has a goal to be a great organization, diverse in people and ideas. Part of that work is to ensure that we are recruiting, hiring, retaining and advancing a diverse, culturally competent learning community and workforce. We also have a responsibility to reduce disparities in healthcare and to make sure that all patients, no matter their background, receive quality care.

Embracing diversity, equity and inclusion gives us the power to be better at what we do, and allows us to demonstrate integrity, compassion and leadership.

It is an exciting time to be part of the OHSU community, carrying forward the simple concept that all are welcome here.

Summer Equity Internship

Equity Cohort 2022

The application is now open to be part of the Summer Equity Internship 2023.

Deadline to apply is January 23, 2023 for Summer 2023.

For any questions, please contact

CDI Annual Report 2021

Annual Report 2021

OHSU Inclusive Language Guide

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Compiled by a cross-campus project team and shaped by input from nearly 300 OHSU members, the OHSU Inclusive Language Guide provides guidance for communicators on describing: race and ethnicity, immigration status, gender, and sexual orientation, and ability, as well as direct statements about respectful and disrespectful language.

Veterans Day Panel Discussion

Recruitment Manual 2022

Recruitment Manual 2022

This recruitment manual focuses on the recruitment and selection process for faculty, staff, and trainee positions with the aim of conducting effective searches that will assist in diversifying the applicant pool and attracting the best candidates to OHSU.

As part of OHSU’s commitment to diversity and affirmative action federal requirements, OHSU annually reviews personnel hiring, promotions, and terminations. Based on this analysis, placement goals for women and minorities, utilization goals for individuals with disabilities, and hiring benchmarks for protected veterans are set and serve as a guide for recruitment efforts in these areas.

History & Significance of Día de los Muertos

DEI December Observances

December DEI Observances

Month-long observances:

Important dates in December:

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Anti-racism and Diversity News for OHSU members on OHSU Now every Monday. 

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