MR Pediatric Lumbar Spine WWO

Should an axial non-contrast T1 of the filum be included?

If the indication is for tumor or infection, a non-contrast axial T1 through the filum is not needed. Please include the axial T1  for all other indications. 

Other notes:

Do not change parameters including sense factors to reduce scan time. 

Last updated: 1/25/22
Charge as: Lumbar Spine WWO
Scanner preference: DCH7
Coil: NV and Anterior Torso Coil

Plane Weighting Mode Slice (mm) Gap (mm) FAT SAT FOV (cm) MPR (mm) Notes
SAG T2 3D TSE 1 or less 0 or less no AXIAL 1/0
SAG T2 2D TSE dixon 3 0 Dixon: InPhase & Water only no
SAG T1 FLAIR 2D IR-TSE 3 0 no no
AXIAL (see note) T1 2D TSE 3 0.3 no 10 no Do not run for tumor, infection, or demyelinaton. Cover mid conus-coccyx. Add two sat bands to form inverted "V" shape.
SAG T1 2D TSE dixon 3 0 Dixon: InPhase & Water only no
AXIAL T1 VIBE/THRIVE 3 0 YES 15 cm no Use 3-4 stations to cover whole spine.