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2022 Research and Innovation Awards

2022 Research and Innovation Award Winners

Congratulations to the OHSU members recognized in the 2022 Research and Innovation Awards program, which highlights those in our community who have been successful in building new partnerships and innovations over the past year. This includes recognition of those who have received patents, participated in industry-sponsored research and successfully had their inventions licensed for commercialization. In addition, five OHSU members are honored for their significant contributions to innovation and entrepreneurship this year.  Read the full 2022 Research and Innovation Awards program.

Featured news

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OHSU startup company Neuromedica receives FDA 510(k) clearance for DuraFuse Dural clips

NeuraMedica is a medical device company specializing in innovative products for neurosurgery. Their first product, DuraFuseTM Dural Clips are bioabsorbable, non-penetrating surgical clips for fast and secure closure of the dura mater in spinal surgery. The dura is the membrane that covers and protects the brain and spinal cord and openings in the dura must be closed quickly to prevent cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leakage. NeuraMedica Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer Neil Roundy M.D., received early funding to develop DuraFuse through the OCTRI Biomedical Innovation Program. Read the full press release for more details. 

Featured event

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Nucleate Activator Program

Are you an academic trainee interested in building a life science startup? Are you passionate about therapeutics, diagnostics, medtech, or digital health? Apply to Nucleate’s Activator program by October 1.

Attend Nucleate's upcoming events (RSVP)
Learn more about Nucleate and our Activator program, meet Activator alumni founders and Nucleate Seattle team!

  • Info Session 1: 4:30PM PT, September 22, Thursday
  • Info Session 2: 4:30PM PT, September 27, Tuesday
  • Activator Alumni Panel:  3PM PT, September 28, Wednesday
  • Office Hours: 4-5PM PT, September 23 - September 30

Register here to reserve your spot today!

Featured innovation

Innovative Technology Series – Casey Reading Center

The Casey Reading Center, which is part of the Casey Eye Institute, works with clinical partners and sponsors to help advance new treatments for patients with eye diseases. The Casey Reading Center uses innovative software developed at OHSU to provide customized and advanced ophthalmic research to its partners. Learn more about the center by visiting their website.

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