MR Ankle Bilateral R/O AVN WO MSK Protocol

Scan notes:

Scan bilateral together in same coil. All scans include entire tarsals in FOV (Marker on R Ankle)

If hardware is present:

  • Do AX non-fat-sat mid-TE instead of fat-sat
  • Keep SAG STIR
  • Do COR STIR instead of fat-sat mid-TE
  • If ordered with Contrast, do non-fat-sat T1 post-contrast

Last updated: 4/8/19
Charge as: Ankle WO
Scanner preference: 3T only
Coil: NV/Torso Coil

Plane Weighting Mode Slice Gap FAT SAT FOV Notes
AXIAL T1 TSE 4mm 1mm None 25cm Bottom of heel to above malleolus
SAG T2 STIR TSE 4mm 1mm STIR 15cm Angle to Calcaneus
COR T1 TSE 4mm 1mm None 25cm Include Tarsals
COR T2 STIR TSE 4mm 1mm STIR 25cm Include Tarsals