MR PPMI Research Protocol

Scan notes:

  • The Sag T1 is the only sequence with specific parameters for this study.
  • The Ax and Cor series are run as we would for a routine brain MRI.
  • This is a Parkinson's research study, so the subjects may have tremors that will result in motion in the images. Do your best to pad the subjects to minimize motion.
  • Send all images to PACS and archive as usual.

Last updated: 4/12/19
Charge as: Brain WO, "No protocol required", YES READ
Scanner preference: MR1 only
Coil: 8 ch Head

Sequence Weighting Change Parameters? Change # slices? Coverage/ Angulation
SAG 3D T1 NO NO Angle to the midline
AX PD/ T2 DUAL YES YES Angle to AC-PC Line
COR FLAIR YES YES Angle perpendicular to the Axial