MR ADNI GO/ ADNI 2 Research Protocol

Revised - 9/16/2014
Charge as Brain WO, "No protocol required"

What would Joe do? (WWJD)

We no longer have to run the phantom post-scan on these patients. The study people will periodically request a phantom to be run - Joe will have the info if the phantom is needed.

MR 3 Only – Use the “ADNI GO-ADNI 2 Human 7 protocol”
Check the order to see if this is a “READ” study

Subject Scan:

  1. Place a fiducial on the patient's right temple.
  2. Position the patient as straight as possible in the 8-Ch Head Coil.
  3. There are several pages of paperwork that you must fill out as the scan is running. 
  4. The scan time for the patient is approximately 45 minutes. 
  5. The patient can go after the scan is complete.  
  6. Place the paperwork on the inpatient white board when completed. 
  7. Send all images to PACS and DVD, but send the fMRI sequences separately to reduce the "clogging" effect on PACS.
RM 3 Only- 8ch Head Coil
Sequence   Change Parameters?
Change # slices?
Coverage/ Angulation
SAG MPRAGE NO NO No angle Do not change any parameters
AX fMRI NO NO No angle Ask subject to keep eyes open for this sequence.
T2 + F/S
NO NO No angle Cover from Vertex down
AX FLAIR NO NO No angle Cover from Vertex down
T2* NO NO No angle Cover from Vertex down
AX B0 Field Mapping
NO NO No angle