Obtaining Numeric ADC Values

How to obtain actual numeric ADC values (rather than a map) for a region of interest on our Philips scanners:

  1. Open the ADC image in the "Basic Viewing" screen (where the hardcopy options are).
  2. Right click on the image, select ROI from the menu. You can choose the shape desired.
  3. Draw an ROI where desired.
  4. A number will come up on the ROI that you just drew. Right-click on the number to get the sub-menu for the number.
  5. From the sub-menu, choose "Statistics".
  6. A new window will open.
  7. The "Mean" value is the ADC value (to get regular ADC units divide by 1000000 aka 10-6). It is on the first line of data (below image).
  8. You can save a screen capture of the ADC map with the statistical data by choosing a system screen capture.
  9. Push screen capture to pacs.
ADC Values