mobetronElectron beam intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) is a type of radiation treatment given for cancer. Electron IORT delivers a precise dose of radiation during surgery, immediately after your tumor is removed. The Mobetron is a portable device designed for delivering  IORT.

The benefits of treatment with Mobetron include:

  • Precise treatment that avoids healthy tissue
  • Lower overall radiation dosage
  • Faster treatment than other types of radiation
  • Tunable depth of radiation treatment

Because Mobetron therapy is so precise, treatment takes less time than external beam radiation. It can lower the overall dose of radiation that your body receives.  And because electron beams penetrate less than X-rays, it can be given in any operating room, without the need for special shielding. 

Mobetron therapy causes fewer side effects than external beam radiation. Your doctor can send high-energy beams directly to the tumor area without going through healthy tissue. 

The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute is the only cancer center in Oregon and Southwest Washington to offer electron IORT with Mobetron.

Your doctor and health care team can help you decide if Mobetron is right for you.

Cancers Treated Using Mobetron