Dr. Craig Okada earned his medical degree and completed advanced training at Stanford University.
Dr. Craig Okada earned his medical degree and completed advanced training at Stanford University.

At the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, you’ll receive care from some of the world’s leading experts in blood cancers. Our care includes:

  • A team-based approach, with specialists who combine their knowledge to develop a treatment plan for your unique needs.
  • The latest immunotherapies for types of lymphoma.
  • One of the nation's most experienced bone marrow/stem cell transplant teams, with an option to use donor cells if needed.
  • Access to the latest research and clinical trials to test promising new treatments.
  • Strong ties to international-level research laboratories led by Dr. Brian Druker, a cancer medicine pioneer.
  • A full range of support services for you and your family.

Our excellence

Innovations: Dr. Druker, the Knight Cancer Institute director, is an internationally renowned pioneer in cancer medicine and an expert in blood cancers. Dr. Druker helped develop Gleevec, a lifesaving daily pill that turned a deadly type of leukemia into a manageable illness. His work launched precision cancer medicine, showing that cancer can be defeated at the molecular level.

National recognition: The Knight Cancer Institute has earned the National Cancer Institute’s top designation for research excellence.

Experience: Our doctors are fellowship-trained, meaning they completed at least a year of advanced training in blood cancers or related areas after their residencies.

Expertise: Our providers work in groups that focus on specific types of lymphoma. Our detailed understanding of the nearly 70 types of lymphoma ensures that you receive treatments tailored to your needs.

Dr. Andy Chen
Dr. Andy Chen focuses on lymphoma in the lab and in patient care. He has particular interest in immunotherapy.

Complete care

Second opinions: Our providers are sought after for second opinions to confirm a lymphoma diagnosis. We offer you the information you need to pursue the best treatment possible.

Care in your community: When possible, our patients can receive certain treatments close to home, delivered by a community cancer doctor with guidance from your OHSU team.

Outstanding hospital care: Our Center for Hematologic Malignancies (blood cancers) inpatient unit, which includes nurses with specialty training, continually ranks in the top 5% nationally for patient satisfaction.

Molecular profiling: We use advanced technology to examine the DNA in patient samples. This helps us understand lymphoma at the molecular level so we can target treatments based on your genetic information.

Support services: Our nurse coordinators and cancer social workers can help you with issues around transportation, financial concerns and making appointments. We also provide services for patients who live far from OHSU.

Advanced bone marrow/stem cell transplants: We offer one of the nation's leading bone marrow/stem cell transplant centers. We are the only Oregon center to provide transplants that use donor cells, giving you more options. After a transplant, we work with you and your primary care doctor to manage side effects or other concerns through the Bone Marrow Transplant Survivorship Program.

Clinical trials and research

The Knight Cancer Institute is a world center for cancer research. Our goal is to turn discoveries in the lab into improvements in patient care as quickly as possible.

  • Clinical trials: We are leading hundreds of clinical trials to test new ways to prevent, detect, diagnose and treat cancer.
  • Early detection: Our Cancer Early Detection Advanced Research Center has some of the best minds in cancer seeking ways to detect cancer earlier, when it’s most curable. They work in the Knight Cancer Research Building, a state-of-the-art facility designed to foster collaboration.
  • Cancer registries: Cancer registries are databases of patient information that help scientists understand how diseases progress and work toward cures. Learn about our registries, including one for bone marrow transplant patients, and find out how you can contribute to research.
  • Robotics in the laboratory: Our blood disorder research uses robotics to help us test multiple medications and doses at one time. This means we can develop new treatments faster.

For patients

Call 503-494-7999 to:

  • Request an appointment
  • Seek a second opinion
  • Ask questions


Parking is free for patients and their visitors.

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