Early detection saves lives

CEDAR’s mission is profound: to detect and stop lethal cancers at the earliest stage. This ambitious goal requires a different approach to cancer research.

We are a diverse, innovative team of more than 180 researchers with expertise in a wide range of fields, from computational biology to nanotechnology to molecular biology. As part of the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, we have access to top-flight technology and resources.

Since our founding in 2017, CEDAR has earned a reputation as a world leader in early detection. We have:

  • Authored 137 early detection publications, most with an impact factor of 10 or more.
  • Enrolled over 6,600 people in clinical trials.
  • Invested in cancer education and prevention through our Healthy Oregon Project, which has enrolled 40,000 participants.
  • Filed 54 invention disclosures, 16 provisional patents and two U.S. patents.
  • Incubated five potential start-up companies.
  • Collaborated with researchers around the globe to bring the promise of early detection to more people.

Contact CEDAR

We work with research partners at cancer centers, biotech firms, pharmaceutical companies and others. And we’re always looking for new people to join our team.

Email cedar@ohsu.edu

Knight Cancer Research Building
2720 S. Moody Ave.
Portland, OR 97201