Breast Cancer Screening

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Breast care is a vital part of your well-being

It’s common to have concerns about your breasts. Pain, lumps and other issues can be a source of distress. Most of the time, these symptoms are not caused by cancer. But it’s important to rule cancer out.

The OHSU Breast Center offers a range of services to screen, diagnose and treat breast conditions. The center includes the High-Risk Breast Screening Clinic.

If a mammogram turns up something suspicious, our nurse navigators will help you schedule tests and refer you to first-rate care.

If you notice any changes in your breasts, we recommend that you talk with your health care provider.

Ask your provider if it’s time for a screening.

What we offer

  • Saturday appointments
  • All-digital technology
  • American College of Radiology accreditation
  • Mammography Quality Standards Act certification

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Regular mammograms are the best way to catch breast cancer early, when it’s easier to treat.

Most women in the United States start between ages 40 and 50. You may need to start earlier if you are at higher risk.

We offer mammograms in several Portland-area locations.

Schedule a mammogram.

High-risk breast cancer screening clinic

Some people have a higher risk of breast cancer. For example, you may have a damaged copy (variant) of a gene in your DNA, a family history of cancer or other risk factors.

If you are at higher risk, experts recommend that you start screening earlier.

Our High-Risk Breast Cancer Screening Clinic can help you identify your risk and monitor your health.

Genetic counseling

DNA plays a major role in breast health. Your genes affect:

  • Your risk of getting breast cancer.
  • What type of breast cancer you are most at risk for.
  • How your breast cancer would be treated.

Ask your provider about genetic counseling.

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