SMMART Clinical Trials Team

Doctors and researchers crowd around a conference table. They are discussing the best treatment options for a patient. They are consulting notes on laptops and looking at data displayed on an overhead screen.
Doctors and researchers at a SMMART tumor board discuss the best options for patients who enroll in these clinical trials.

Director, SMMART Clinical Trials Program and Precision Oncology


Clinical leads

Clinical operations

  • Kiara Siex, M.P.H.: Assistant Director, SMMART Clinical Research Operations
  • Maddy Barrett, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Annie Yang, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Julian Amaya, Clinical Research Coordinator

Translational research

Data team

  • Lauren Murray, M.Sc., Data Manager
  • Ana Olson, Data Analyst
  • Michele Czajkowski, Data Analyst
  • Dayana Rojas-Rodriguez, Data Analyst


  • Allison Solanki, Ph.D., Assistant Director, Collaborations

SMMART data management systems (DMS)

  • Christina Zheng, Ph.D., Director of Data Operations
  • Matt Viehdorfer, M.Sc., SMMART Data Management Systems – Research Engineer
  • Andrew Silvernail, SMMART Data Management Systems – Research Engineer

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