About the Knight Cancer Institute

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We’re driven by a single mission: to end cancer as we know it.

We’re a team of hundreds of doctors, nurses, scientists and other professionals who have earned a national reputation for excellence. Every year, we treat about 6,000 patients and conduct about 1,400 research projects, including more than 400 clinical trials.

Our research has led to groundbreaking advances in targeted therapy, immunotherapy, surgery and other ways to fight cancer. We’re also developing new ways to find cancer early, when it’s easier to treat.

We’re working to free the world from the burden of cancer, one patient at a time.

Stories of hope: Survivor Elissa Baldwin talks about how the team at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute helped her recover from leukemia. She is one of the many patients who inspire us.

For patients and families

We’re here for you. Your team of specialists will craft a treatment plan tailored to your needs. We mean that literally: In some cases, we can offer you treatment based on your DNA, or target receptors that are unique to your type of cancer.

Our doctors bring you the skills and technology to tackle the most complex cancers. You’ll also find hundreds of clinical trials, offering a chance to try promising new therapies.

We offer many support services, including:

  • Nurse navigators to guide you through care.
  • Dietitians to support nutrition.
  • Palliative specialists to ease pain and anxiety.
  • Social workers for advocacy, resources and compassion.
  • A guest house for patients and families who live outside the Portland area.
  • Patient education, support groups, acupuncture, yoga and more.

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For health care professionals

We will help you give your patient the best cancer care. We welcome your patient referral for expert treatment or a clinical trial. We also invite you to confer with our specialists and to deepen your knowledge through continuing education.

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For researchers

Dr. Brian Druker, CEO of the Knight Cancer Institute, helped usher in the era of targeted therapy through his groundbreaking work on Gleevec. Today, the Knight has hundreds of scientists studying everything from early detection to the most advanced cell therapies.

  • The National Cancer Institute recognizes the Knight as a Comprehensive Cancer Center, its highest distinction for research excellence and patient care.
  • Our Cancer Early Detection Advanced Research Center (CEDAR) is the world’s leading effort to find cancer early, when it’s most treatable.
  • We’re running studies to see if a simple blood test can find cancers earlier.
  • Our SMMART trials aim to outwit cancer by targeting several pathways at once.
  • Our 320,000-square-foot Knight Cancer Research Building is designed to promote teamwork and spur collaboration.
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For the community

We offer programs that serve all 36 Oregon counties. They include:

  • Grants to support community-level cancer projects.
  • Programs to help scientists connect with community members.
  • Collaborations with hospitals to extend care to more of the Northwest.
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What makes us different

Find out how the Knight Cancer Institute brings together teams of specialists and the latest therapies for each patient.

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Our story

Learn about the breakthroughs and milestones that make the Knight Cancer Institute a top center for care and research.

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Our patients

Meet the people who inspire us every day.

Dr. Brian Druker

Meet Dr. Druker

Learn how Brian Druker, M.D., opened the door to a revolution in cancer medicine.

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Our leaders

Meet the doctors, scientists and other leaders guiding the Knight Cancer Institute.

Kids and teens

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