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Discovery and development of diagnostics for the early detection of cancer

The full agenda, including the daily schedule of speakers and discussion sessions, is now available!

Due to travel restrictions and the unanticipated difficulties associated with the global COVID-19 pandemic, Summer School 2020 is a virtual conference.

Now in its second year, the summer school event is presented by the International Alliance for Cancer Early Detection, or ACED. It’s designed for those who are developing new technologies and interventions for the early detection of cancer and those who are interested in exploring this rapidly expanding and exciting field. Registration is open to academic, corporate and trainee delegates.

This event focuses on the scientific, clinical and policy challenges of developing and validating new screening technologies and interventions for the early detection of cancer. Participants will learn from experts across multiple disciplines on the science and technology of diagnostics through to clinical trials design, evidence review, regulatory perspectives and pathway to adoption, to the societal impacts of early cancer detection. Companies will present case studies on their technologies and give insight into the bench-side to market-place pathway.

For a truly immersive experience, delegates may choose to participate in a team activity ‘Envisioning New Diagnostics’ developed by Dr. Carl Yamashiro from the College of Health Solutions, Arizona State University. This activity is a simulation to demonstrate the principles of diagnostic test development and market saturation, culminating in a competitive presentation. ASU has considerable experience in this field, offering a one-year, online Master of Science degree in Biomedical Diagnostics developed together with academic partner, Dublin City University (DCU) and industry partners. The degree focuses on the global business and application of diagnostics in the healthcare and research arenas today.

We are excited to offer networking opportunities throughout the week of Summer School. Get the most out of your experience by interacting with researchers, sponsors and speakers. Choose breakout sessions, lightning talks, and mixers

See the 2020 ACED Summer School brochure here. View the full daily schedule here.


July 6 – 16, 2020


Virtual Conference


The full agenda, including all speakers and discussion sessions, is available here.

Registration fees

Premium Registration includes:

  1. Access to Summer School presentation and panels,
  2. “Envisioning New Diagnostics” team activity and competition,
  3. Networking opportunities
  4. Gift box
  5. Post-conference wrap-up kit*

Ala-Carte Registration includes:

  1. Access to Summer School presentation and panels
  2. Networking opportunities
  3. Post-conference wrap-up kit

*Post-conference wrap-up kit includes links to all the recorded sessions, sponsor information, attendee bios and contact information to foster future collaboration.

Registration Type By June 30, 2020
Premium Registration $125
Ala-Carte Registration $80


Doctoral students may compete for the International ACED Early Detection International Summer School. Scholarships are for the Premium Registration and include all of the events and items listed above. Inquire with your local ACED Program Manager for application form and details. Scholarships are due by May 8, 2020.


ACED Summer School serves as a platform to access world-class scientists and professionals in this growing field of research. Join this expanding community of thought leaders as they tackle the world’s highest aim: detecting early, and eventually eliminating, cancer. For information on sponsorships, please email Erin Watson (

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the International Alliance for Cancer Early Detection and each member center in supporting this Summer School, as well as our sponsors AstraZeneca and Genentech.

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Registration is open

Learn about the discovery and development of diagnostics for early detection


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