Cancer Survivorship Teams

The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute survivorship teams include doctors, nurses, social workers, dietitians, researchers and others dedicated to the care and well-being of cancer survivors. We recognize the unique challenges cancer survivors face and offer a comprehensive plan tailored to your needs.

Manager of support services

Adolescent and young adult cancer team

Bone marrow transplant survivorship team

Breast cancer survivorship team

Childhood cancer survivorship team

Community survivorship provider

Radiation medicine survivorship team

Urologic cancer survivorship team

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  • Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Program:
  • Bone Marrow Transplant Survivorship Program:
  • Breast Cancer Survivorship (Transitions):
  • Childhood Cancer Survivorship Program:
  • Radiation Medicine Survivorship Program:
  • Urologic Cancer Survivorship Clinic: 503-346-1500