Community Partnership Program Leadership and Staff

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For questions about the Community Partnership Program, please email or call 503-418-8077, and the most relevant team member will contact you.

  • For questions related to project programming, grant terms, no-cost extensions, final project reports, using the grant management portal or updating project contacts in our system, a Community Partnership Program (CPP) member of staff will be in touch. 
  • For questions on how best to collect data and/or analyze results, a member of the project evaluation team will contact you.

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Evaluation Support

Steering Committee

Our steering committee supports the Community Partnership Program by providing strategic direction and making funding recommendations to Knight Cancer Institute leadership. 

  • Andrea Lara, M.D., M.P.H.: Provider Outreach & Engagement Strategist, Oregon Health Authority
  • Jamie Thompson, M.P.H: Senior Research Associate, Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research
  • Jen Olson, M.S., M.A.: Chronic Disease Program Manager, Native American Rehabilitation Association of the Northwest, Inc.
  • Jennie Reid, Operations Manager, Salem Free Clinics
  • Kyle Pfaffenbach, Ph.D.: Associate Professor, Eastern Oregon University
  • Lisa Parks, B.A., Strategic Initiatives and Training Manager, Willamette Health Council
  • Michael Klein, M.S.W.: Mental Health Therapist, La Clinica School Based Health Center
  • Patricia Selinger, M.P.H.: Retired; Breast and Cervical Cancer Program Health Educator and Manager, Oregon Health Authority
  • Samantha Watson, M.S.: Director of Community Health Partnerships, Jackson Care Connect
  • Taylor Smith, M.B.A.: Disability Services Coordinator, Eastern Oregon University

We Welcome Feedback

How helpful do you find our application resources such as webinars and email/telephone assistance? Please email with your thoughts on what was particularly helpful and/or what could be improved, or leave a voice mail at 503-418-8077.