Knight Mobile Outreach

The Mobile Outreach van, which is white, yellow, green and blue and wrapped with text reading "Ending cancer as we know it" and "OHSU Knight Cancer Institute."

We’re on our way

The Knight Cancer Institute mobile outreach van is dedicated to ending the burden of cancer across Oregon — one mile at a time. Stretching more than 96,000 square miles, the state of Oregon spans mountains, rivers, valleys and deserts. It also has major health disparities, especially in cancer care.

As part of the Community Outreach and Engagement team, we’re on a mission to amplify cancer outreach to communities throughout our state. We work with local partners to bring tools and resources to help all the people of Oregon lead longer, healthier lives.

We work with a wide range of community partners, including:

You can find us at county fairs, street fairs, health fairs, block parties, community events, and other events throughout Oregon.

A group of 9 people is standing in front of the Knight Cancer Institute mobile van. They are happy and smiling. The van is painted blue, green and white with the tagline “Ending cancer as we know it.”
We show up at events around Oregon. Here we are at a health fair in Salem.

What we do

We team up with local partners to provide resources to educate, prevent, detect and treat cancer. Some examples:

  • HPV vaccines: The human papilloma virus (HPV) is linked to about 47,000 new cases of cancer every year. Most could be prevented with HPV vaccines. We work with local partners to provide education and give vaccines.
  • Skin cancer screening: Skin cancer is linked to sun exposure. Survival rates are 99% if the cancer is caught early. But this drops to 25% once the cancer spreads. We work with local partners to provide education and check moles.
  • FIT kits: Colorectal cancer is the third most common type of cancer, with about 150,000 new cases every year. Survival rates are 91% if the cancer is caught early. But this drops to 16% once the cancer spreads. FIT kits are take-home stool tests that detect early signs of cancer. We provide education, give out FIT kits and work with local partners on follow-up.
  • Clinical trials: Clinical trials give patients ways to detect cancer early and to try promising new therapies. But the patients who enroll in clinical trials are overwhelmingly white, younger and live in urban areas. We work with local partners to provide education and connect people to clinical trials such as Pathfinder 2.

Healing Within Reach

This video shows how the mobile outreach van brings education, tools and resources to fight cancer in communities around Oregon.

Healing Within Reach is a documentary-style short film about the life-saving importance of equity and access in cancer prevention and care. Watch the full video here. 



The Knight Community Outreach and Engagement team is just one branch of the broader Community Outreach, Research and Engagement (CORE) at OHSU.