Cancer Community Program Internship Opportunities

Nine people standing in a row, each holding a certificate in front of a wall with the OHSU logo on it.
CURE interns after presenting their work at a symposium at the Knight Cancer Institute.

Ted R. Lilley Cancer CURE Program

The Ted R. Lilley Cancer CURE Program is a research mentorship training program supported by the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute and the OHSU Center for Diversity and Inclusion. It is designed to offer research experiences to Portland area students that excel academically and come from socially and economically disadvantaged background. The goals of this program are to give hands-on research experience, science exposure and to increase participation of underserved and minority students in biomedical research and other health-related fields.

Knight Scholars

Knight Scholars is a new program designed to offer high school students a three-year introduction to cancer research and its related careers. The program encourages youth whose communities are underrepresented in cancer research, healthcare, and public health–including those of diverse races and ethnicities and those from rural areas–to explore the cancer field. Learn more about the Knight Scholars program.

CORE Internship

The OHSU Community Outreach, Research and Engagement's (CORE) Internship Program offers undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to experience community engaged research and partnership in action. CORE Interns work on a wide range of community research projects with local non-profit and government organizations. Projects use research best practices, data-driven decision-making, evidence-based approaches, program evaluation, and community assessments to advance public health issues confronting local communities. CORE Interns may also support OHSU investigator-led community-engaged research studies.