For Community Members

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Oregon communities are at the heart of everything we do

The Community Outreach and Engagement team at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute works hand in hand with communities and researchers to address the cancer burden in Oregon. Our programs build connections through ongoing outreach, diverse research and thoughtful engagement.

How can we help you today?

Apply for a grant

The Community Partnership Program supports projects that address local, community-led cancer-related needs in Oregon. Our grants fund projects anywhere along the cancer continuum from prevention and early detection to survivorship. As of January 2024, the program has invested more than $7.3M in 205 projects across Oregon, which includes $5.4M in grant awards. 

Review community grants

Twice annually the Community Partnership Program seeks people with experience working with Oregon communities on health issues (ideally cancer-related) who are interested in reviewing Community Partnership Program grant applications. Apply to review grants in a future cycle.

Get involved in cancer research advocacy

Scientific research advocates are volunteers with a personal connection to cancer who are passionate about helping translate research findings into meaningful outcomes for patients and their families. Advocates provide feedback on grant applications, participate on advisory committees, write letters of support, and more. 

Participate in a health study

The Healthy Oregon Project aims to learn about the health and wellness of people in and around Oregon. We want to learn more about how a person’s genetics, environment, and behaviors affect the risk of chronic disease, including cancer. Learn more and enroll.

The Understanding Cancer in Oregon project aims to understand the cancer-related needs of Oregonians to help the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute focus its efforts across the state. The 15-minute survey asks about your health behaviors, knowledge of cancer screening, access to healthcare, and other demographic information to help researchers learn more about behaviors and lifestyles that may impact cancer risk, the burden of cancer, and cancer care. Learn more and take the survey.

On the leading edge of discovering new ways to prevent, detect and treat cancer, the Knight Cancer Institute is committed to giving patients access to clinical trials of cancer treatments. Learn about opportunities to take part in cancer clinical trials.

Receive assistance with a community project

Community members may receive a free 60-minute consultation with a Community Research Liaison to learn about project assistance and resources including: working with an academic collaborator, evidence-based interventions project design and idea development, program evaluation planning, finding funding, and more.  Learn more and request a consultation.

Help your community address specific cancer needs

We help communities identify local strengths, gaps, and resources to address community-specific cancer issues through research, education, and outreach. Learn about how we can help.

Join the Knight Cancer Network

The OHSU Knight Cancer Network represents a collaboration of community hospitals and oncology programs in the Pacific Northwest. The Network delivers cancer prevention, clinical care, and clinical research services targeted to the specific needs and risks of local communities. Find out how we can work together.

Participate in a community event

We support a variety of community groups that are working to help cancer patients and their families, survivors, and researchers. Join us at an upcoming event.

Submit a sponsorship request

We partner with local cancer advocacy groups and organizations to sponsor community fundraising events, educational conferences, health fairs, screenings, and more. View our application form.

Get internship experience

The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute provides a variety of internship opportunities for high school, undergraduate and graduate students. Check out our programs


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