Shared Resources for Cancer

The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute Shared Resources provide management and support services to the researchers and programs of the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute. These services are essential to support the groundbreaking research conducted by our investigators. We have core facilities in the following areas

Advanced Multiscale Microscopy

The Advanced Multiscale Microscopy Shared Resource delivers access to cutting-edge imaging instrumentation and comprehensive technical support for tissue, cellular, subcellular and molecular imaging. 

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BioLibrary & Pathology

The Knight Cancer Institute sponsored BioLibrary & Pathology Shared Resource brings together tissue collection, processing, clinical annotation, and histopathology services into a single core.

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The primary aim of the BSR is to provide comprehensive and integrated biostatistics support to basic, clinical and population science researchers conducting cancer research at OHSU.

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Flow Cytometry

We provide state-of-the-art flow cytometry instrumentation and associated expertise to all OHSU and the surrounding scientific community. 

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Integrated Genomics

Comprehensive genomics services for research scientists and clinicians

The Integrated Genomics Laboratory is home to technology resources and services for genome-wide and targeted RNA and DNA analysis at OHSU. The laboratory consists of three advanced technology cores which together provide expertise and support 

  • Gene profiling
    The OHSU Gene Profiling Shared Resource is a full-service genomics facility providing research scientists and clinicians with services for RNA expression profiling, DNA variation analysis, and nucleic acid extraction. 
  • Massively parallel sequencing
    The OHSU Massively Parallel Sequencing Shared Resource functions as a full service genomics facility serving research scientists and clinicians with a full range of applications based upon massively parallel sequencing protocols. 
  • DNA services core
    The DNA Services Core provides cell-line authentication and oligonucleotide synthesis.


The OHSU Proteomics Shared Resource facility was established to make state-of-the-art mass spectrometry based protein analysis analytical capabilities available to the biomedical research community at OHSU.

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