"As part of CEDAR, I can come up with new ideas and technologies, get the research up and running quickly and produce ground-breaking results." -Hisham Mohammed, Ph.D., Scientist, CEDAR

We are building a team of the best and brightest minds to help us end cancer as we know it.

CEDAR is committed to increasing the diversity of the campus community. We at CEDAR are dedicated to promoting inclusion and multiculturalism to build a successful organization by having outstanding researchers of diverse backgrounds work together on multiple projects. We encourage high-risk, high-reward research projects because defeating cancer requires unproven, out-of-the-box thinking. Our research is milestone-driven to ensure that each project is fulfilling its stated goals. Rooted in team science and collaboration, we encourage ideas and contributions from everyone.

Learn more about our open positions below, or on the OHSU Human Resources page by clicking on the "Apply to Jobs" button. From this page, select "All Jobs." Then, enter "CEDAR" in the keywords box and click the "Search" button. 

Learn more about our current openings:

  • 2021-8044         Program Director, CEDAR CRCE [Clinical Research & Community Engagement] 
  • 2021-12740       Scientist/Senior Scientist (Immunology)
  • 2021-11167       Distinguished Scientist
  • 2021-11161       Scientist/Senior Scientist (Cancer Biology)
  • 2021-13487       Research Data Analyst
  • 2021-12706       Clinical Research Coordinator
  • 2021-8935         Postdoctoral Scholar - Biomaterials
  • 2021-8937         Postdoctoral Scholar - SMMART Wet Lab
  • 2021-9618         Postdoctoral Scholar - Organoid Biology
  • 2021-8139         Postdoctoral Scholar - Optics
  • 2021-7938         Postdoctoral Scholar - ASXL1 / Heme Malignancy
  • 2020-6379         Postdoctoral Scholar - Biochemistry
  • 2020-7465         Postdoctoral Scholar - Computational Biology
  • 2019-1624         Postdoctoral Scholar - General
  • 2021-11938       Senior Research Assistant - Molecular Bio Core
  • 2021-11032       Senior Research Assistant - Computational Biology
  • 2021-11163       Senior Research Assistant - Mass Spectrometry
  • 2021-12284       Research Associate - Engineering
  • 2020-7237         Research Associate - Nano Fab
  • 2021-12433       Research Associate/Senior Research Associate - Genomics
  • 2021-8928          Research Associate/Senior Research Associate - Biomaterials
  • 2020-7461          Research Associate/Senior Research Associate - Computational Biology
  • 2021-12433        Research Associate/Senior Research Associate - Computational Genomics
  • 2021-12939        Research Assistant II - General Biology
  • 2021-12731        Student Worker
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