Community Outreach and Engagement

Community Outreach at the Knight Cancer Institute

Addressing the burden of cancer in Oregon

The Community Outreach and Engagement program at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute aims to identify and address the cancer burden in Oregon through community outreach, research and engagement.

Who we serve

We aim to reduce the cancer burden across our catchment area, which includes all 36 counties in the state of Oregon. We strive to emphasize the role research can play in addressing cancer disparities on minority and underserved communities, including rural Oregonians. Learn more about cancer in Oregon.

Map of counties in Oregon impacted by the Knight Cancer Community Outreach and Engagement Program.

Our aims

  1. Monitor the cancer burden and cancer health disparities in Oregon
  2. Support cancer research relevant to the needs in Oregon
  3. Conduct responsive outreach to meet the needs of minority and/or underserved communities in Oregon
  4. Establish programs, partnerships and support policy to increase the uptake of evidence based cancer information

Outreach and education

We prioritize engagement with communities facing a disproportionate burden of cancer in Oregon cancer such as incidence, mortality, screening rates or other risk factors (tobacco use, physical activity, etc.). This includes but is not limited to rural, low socioeconomic, minority and/or underserved population. We reach our catchment area through the following outreach programs:

  • Cancer Health Educators: Deliver community education and provide linkages to care
  • The COUNCIL: Advisory committee comprised of rural, tribal and state representatives
  • Research Advocates: Volunteers who ensure research at OHSU reflects the needs and interests of the cancer community
  • Community Ambassadors: Volunteers who help to increase awareness and knowledge of cancer research opportunities

Community Outreach, Research and Engagement (CORE)

CORE connects established academic community outreach programs from Oregon Clinical Translational Research Institute (OCTRI)  and Knight Cancer Institute Community Outreach and Engagement to transform research from a scientist–subject interaction into a collaboration.  We support community–academic partnerships, gather community input to inform academic research, and increase research in community settings that is responsive to the pressing health concerns of residents in Oregon.  Learn more

Our work

We foster community involvement in research

The Knight Community Outreach and Engagement team offers resources and services to researchers and community partners to support community involvement in research.