Guiding Principles

We envision a world freed from the burden of cancer.

Our mission at CEDAR is to detect and stop lethal cancers at the earliest stage because early detection saves lives. This is an ambitious goal, one that requires novelty, creativity, and innovation.

Our guiding principles inform everything we do.

They inspire our organizational structure, our research support, and our long-term strategy.

CEDAR guiding principles

At CEDAR, we are changing how cancer research is done.

We conduct groundbreaking translational cancer research to help improve the lives and health of our community. We have three major societal aims:  

Help people maintain a high quality of life and reduce cancer mortality


Science and technology transfer to the clinic

Group of people staying active

Create a global cancer early detection community


Quality training and partnerships build capacity

Globe with a community of people

Make a positive impact on the health of Oregon's economy


Start-ups and technology transfer to industry

Map of Oregon with people