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The Knight Cancer Institute Community Outreach and Engagement team is part of the broader Community Outreach, Research & Engagement (CORE) at OHSU. CORE helps researchers engage communities in their work, provides InReach support plus a broad range of services.  See examples below and find the full range of services on the CORE website. 

View the full range of CORE services available to researchers.

Examples of services available for researchers

Bolster your work with community input

Funders are increasingly requiring advocate or "consumer" involvement in the design and dissemination of research.  Scientific Research Advocates are available to work with Knight Cancer Institute faculty, staff, and students on research grant applications, developing lay abstracts, clinical trial design, and dissemination of research findings. Advocates have completed a six-month training program lead by OHSU faculty and staff.  Learn how you can collaborate with trained research advocates.

Gain meaningful feedback

Utilize the structured approach of community/patient engagement studios to obtain meaningful input from community members to inform your research. Learn more about Community Engagement Studios.

Hire support for strategy and collaboration

Receive support on any aspect of collaboration and strategy related to community outreach and engagement in Oregon. Learn more.

Get help with reach, recruitment, data collection and/or finding a community partner

We can support investigator success by helping to increase awareness of your projects or research opportunities and increase participation across Oregon. We can also help expand your range of data collection and project implementation while building community expertise. We have a statewide network of community partners and can assist you with both short-term project needs and with developing long-term community-academic partnerships. Learn more and request assistance with your project.

Include community investigators in your research

By understanding the needs of the community and involving them in the research process, the Community Outreach and Engagement team developed a more community-friendly research training process at OHSU. We collaborated directly with the OHSU IRB Chair and Associate VP of Research Integrity to streamline research training. Community PIs must follow the IRB’s non-OHSU researcher steps in order to conduct studies alongside OHSU investigators. Community staff research training options also exist – contact us for more information.


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View the full range of CORE services available for researchers.