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Advancing community-engaged research

The Knight Cancer Institute Community Outreach and Engagement team is part of the broader Community Outreach, Research & Engagement (CORE) at OHSU. CORE helps researchers engage communities in their work, and can assist with your short-term project needs and with developing long-term community academic partnerships. Visit the CORE website for a complete list of our services. 

    How can we support you?

    Some of the ways we can support your research include:

    • Funders are increasingly requiring advocate or "consumer" involvement in the design and dissemination of research. Scientific Research Advocates are available to work with Knight Cancer Institute faculty, staff, and students on research grant applications, developing lay abstracts, clinical trial design, and dissemination of research findings.
    • Utilize the structured approach of Community Engagement Studios to obtain meaningful input from community members to inform your research. 
    • We can support investigator success by helping to increase awareness of your projects or research opportunities and build intentional connections throughout the state. We can also help expand your range of data collection and project implementation while building community expertise.


    Please fill out the Project Assistance Program consultation form and someone from our team will reach out within 1-2 weeks to discuss next steps. 


    The Knight Community Outreach and Engagement team is just one branch of the broader Community Outreach, Research and Engagement (CORE) at OHSU.