CEDAR Resources and Expertise

A researcher loads a small tray of tubes into a machine for analysis.
CEDAR researcher Aysegul Ors uses a robot liquid handler to study the role of heterogeneity in tissue transformation and tumor progression.

Making strides in early cancer detection takes a broad array of tools. CEDAR has built resources and expertise to empower researchers to take the fight to cancer.

Precision Biofabrication Hub

An OHSU researcher wearing her lab coat holds an X-ray image up to the light and examines it.

The Precision Biofabrication Hub uses 3D bioprinting to create structurally organized, functional living tissues. It starts with cells, biomaterials and bioactive molecules. Biofabrication can be used to study complex systems, explore therapeutic strategies, and replace tissues destroyed by cancer.

Nanofabrication Facility

An OHSU researcher wearing their Nanofab suit is standing in the CEDAR Nanofabrication Facility.

The NanoFab Class 100 Cleanroom helps CEDAR and other research groups at OHSU with biofabrication.

We provide advanced capabilities to fabricate biomedical chips and devices including micro sensors and actuators, electrical and optical interface, flow chambers and more.

Our tools include photolithography, thin film deposition, wet and dry etching, metrology and surface characterization, and wafer dicing.

We offer high reproducibility, fast turnaround time, training and assistance.

CEDAR Repository

CEDAR maintains a unique repository of clinical specimens and data. We use the highest ethical standards to respect donors’ rights and wishes. Samples are sourced from clinics across OHSU and the Portland VA Medical Center, collected from routine cancer screenings through post-treatment.

The repository includes samples from healthy volunteers and from cohorts with breast cancer, lung cancer, pancreas cancer and prostate cancer. Samples include plasma, serum, peripheral blood mononuclear cells, urine and tissue.

The repository is always seeking to expand its network of clinics, biorepositories and institutions in our mission to detect and stop cancer early. For more information, contact CEDARRepository@OHSU.edu.

CEDAR researchers also have access to the Knight Biolibrary.

CEDAR Accelerator

The CEDAR Accelerator supports teams who want to move a research project into commercialization and form a startup. We nurture projects through the early and sometimes fragile stages of growth.

A startup accelerator is similar to an incubator, but there are differences. The CEDAR Accelerator is more selective than an incubator. Our goal is to create startups that scale or fail fast.

We help projects get off the ground so they can compete for investment. We’re looking for bold and disruptive ideas that leapfrog current solutions.

CEDAR researchers can check our internal site for details about the CEDAR Accelerator.

CEDAR intellectual property

CEDAR has developed several advanced technologies. We have filed 54 invention disclosures, 16 provisional patents and two U.S. patents. Learn more about licensing opportunities for our intellectual property at OHSU Innovates.

CEDAR technology

CEDAR actively supports research to develop new technologies for cancer early detection work. Many of the technology projects generate intellectual property that can be patented, licensed, go into our Accelerator, and used for our early detection research. Examples include:

  • Sonomics: This innovative platform combines the precision of high-intensity focused ultrasound with automated fluorescence microscopy to vastly improve analysis of single cells. The system can automatically select cells for analysis.
  • PROSE: This project is developing new technologies to expand the proteome. Key advantages include extremely high throughput, low cost, and unbiased proteome discovery without a reference dataset.
  • 2D-Spatial Atlas: This technology seeks to dramatically lower the cost and speed the throughput of two-dimensional spatially informed single cell analysis.

Knight Cancer Research Building

Hundreds of scientists work together in our state-of-the-art Knight Cancer Research Building on our South Waterfront Campus

We work in the Knight Cancer Research Building, a seven-story, 320,000-square-foot building designed to encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration. The building features an open laboratory design; centralized, shared equipment; and core facilities to bring together experts and accelerate research progress.

More resources

CEDAR researchers  have access to many additional resources, including:

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