The Brenden-Colson Center for Pancreatic Care is a patient-centric research hub for programs that focus on three main areas essential for alleviating suffering from pancreatic diseases: Early Detection, Advanced Therapy, and Quality of Life. The heart of the program is a close collaboration among seven program leaders in a "center-without-walls" that connects clinical activities to laboratory research.

The Center is led by Co-Directors Brett C. Sheppard, M.D., who links his surgical care to the Center's research, and Rosalie C. Sears, Ph.D., who designs and oversees the basic science programs and collaborations. Jonathan Brody, Ph.D. joined BCC in 2020 as the Associate Director of Translational Research.  Stellar OHSU researchers Lisa M. Coussens, Ph.D., Emek Demir, Ph.D., Joe W. Gray, Ph.D, and Daniel L. Marks, M.D., Ph.D. along with oncologist Charles Lopez, M.D, Ph.D., lead team projects that advance the search for early detection methods, move promising new stand-alone and combination therapies into the clinical trials pipeline,and search for novel ways to enhance quality of life.

From this foundation, we continue to expand our network of collaborators, partners, and patients to enable us to make the leaps necessary to improve patient care.

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A Pancreatic Cancer Roadmap - Guidance for Patients & Families

A free educational conference, details here.  Future dates are to be determined...

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Brenden-Colson Center Creation

The Brenden-Colson Center was created thanks to a generous donation.  Read about the creation of the Center.

National Recognition

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OHSU and the Brenden-Colson Center have received National Pancreas Foundation Center designation.  Read about the Center's designation.