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Student Self-Service

Upcoming Downtime Alert

Student Self-Service will be down on Thursday, May 30, from 5:30 - 8:00 am, for maintenance.

Current students with an email address can log in to Student Self-Service to register for classes, update their contact information, and view their course schedules, grades, degree audit, financial aid, billing statements, and tax documents. Note: current students need to log in with their network ID username (not their UID) in order to access certain menu options, including the degree audit.

Future students and alumni without an email address can log in to Student Self-Service using their University ID number (UID) and password to view and order their transcripts, update their contact information, or download tax documents.

If you need help resetting your password or PIN, please call the ITG Service Desk at 503-494-2222.

Use the button above to log into the Student Information System (SIS).

After logging in, you should see the Student Services landing page. To begin the registration process, select Add/Drop Classes:

Add/Drop Classes circled

Select Add/Drop Classes one more time:

Add/Drop Classes circled

Select the term you are looking for:


You can search for classes by subject, course number, keyword or campus. You can also select Advanced Search for more search options.

Search for classes

Select Add next to the classes you would like to register for and they will be added to the summary section. 

how to register

You are able to preview your class schedule and review details for the classes you have selected. To finalize your registration, select Submit

final registration


If you are registering for a variable credit class (Thesis, Research, Practicum, etc.) there is an extra step you will need to complete after finalizing your registration. Select the Schedule and Options tab. Select the number in the hours column, enter the correct amount of credits and then select Submit to update the amount of credits registered.

Variable credit

New Students

Are you a new student? You will receive your university student ID (UID) and temporary password in two separate, secure emails. (If you need assistance navigating the secure email system, please call the OHSU Service Desk at 503-494-2222.)

Thirty days prior to the start of your program, you will receive an OHSU network notification with instructions on how to set up your email. Once your credentials are active, you will be able to log in to Student Self-Service with your network username and password.

Current Students

Are you a current student? Use your OHSU network username (the first part of your email) to login in. 

If you do not know your network username or password, contact the OHSU Service Desk at 503-494-2222 for assistance

Returning Students

Are you a returning student? Your student ID and password are only sent once; students with previous education records at OHSU can contact the OHSU Service Desk at 503-494-2222 for assistance retrieving their UID or resetting their password.

Former Students and Alumni

Have you graduated from OHSU? Ninety days after you graduate, your network login will be deactivated. Alumni and former students who wish to access the Student Information System will need to log in using their UID and password. If you do not know your UID or password, contact the OHSU Service Desk at 503-494-2222 for assistance. 

Students with pre-electronic records do not have access to Student Self Service.

Login Assistance

Need help logging in? If you need assistance logging in to Student Self-Service, recovering your UID or network username, or resetting your UID or network password, please call the ITG Service Desk at 503-494-2222.

The Student Information System is inaccessible nightly from midnight to 12:15 a.m. for regular maintenance.

Student Self-Service is a secure, interactive application where students can register for classes, view and pay student bills, sign up for direct deposit, update contact information, view degree audit, manage and accept financial aid awards, and order official transcripts.