At OHSU, our work is guided by the principles laid out in our policy manual. You can find many of these policies below.

Policies on OHSU’s website may be modified or discontinued from time to time. Every effort will be made to keep the information up to date.

Additional policies and procedures are available on O2 or upon request to policy@ohsu.edu.

General Policies

01-01-000: Definitions and Interpretations

01-01-001: Policy Development and Approval

01-01-010: Academic Policy Development and Approval

Legal Policies

Program Reduction, Elimination and Reorganization

01-15-001: Program Reduction, Elimination and Reorganization of Academic Programs

Emergency Management

01-40-001: Emergency Preparedness

Environmental Health and Safety

07-40-001: Environmental Health and Safety

Records Retention and Destruction

01-01-010: Academic Policy Development and Approval

Student Admissions Requirements

02-01-001: Student Admissions Requirements—Standards for Admission

Equal Access

02-01-002: Equal Access for Students with Disabilities

Student Drug and Alcohol Testing

02-01-003: Student Drug and Alcohol Testing

Student Residency

02-10-010: Student Residency for Tuition Purposes

02-10-025: Oregon Heritage Policy

Education Records and Identity Verification

02-20-005: Education Records

02-20-045: Record of Student Complaint

02-20-050: Verification of Student Identity

Conduct Relating to Students

02-30-010: Proscribed Conduct

02-30-050: Student Suspension, Dismissal and Appeal

  • Procedure: Student Suspension, Dismissal and Appeal

02-30-055: Student Grievance and Appeal

Academic Programs and Assessment

02-50-005: Academic Program Review

02-50-010: Proposing New Programs, Program Changes, and Curricular Modifications

02-50-015: Assignment of Course Credit Hour

02-50-020: Marketing Proposed Academic Programs

02-50-030: Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment

02-50-035: Student Evaluation of Course and Instructional Effectiveness

02-50-040: Suspension of Admissions Into, or Closure of, Academic Programs

02-50-045: Course Inactivation

02-50-050: Course Syllabi

02-50-055: Enrollment of Students in Multiple Degree/Certificate Offerings

  • Procedure: Enrollment of Students in Multiple Degree/Certificate Offerings

02-50-060: Course Identification

Exams, Credit, Grading and Completion

02-70-005: Transfer of Course Credit

02-70-010: OHSU Technical Standards

02-70-015: Timely Release of Grades

02-70-020: University Grading

02-70-025: Change in Major or Degree Objective

02-70-030: Voluntary Leave of Absence, Excused Absence, and Withdrawal

  • Procedure: Voluntary Leave of Absence, Excused Absence, and Withdrawal

02-70-035: Degree/Certificate Standards

02-70-040: Degrees Awarded with Honors

02-70-045: Change in Scheduled Exam and Other Assessments

02-70-050: Exam Proctoring

02-70-055: Excused Absence for Active Duty Service, Related Medical Treatment, or Firefighting Activities

Miscellaneous Student Affairs Policies

02-90-001: Student Interest Group Recognition

  • Procedure: Student Interest Group Recognition

02-90-010: Student Health

02-90-025: Student Debt Counseling and Financial Planning

02-90-030: Housing for Community Based Rotations

  • Procedure: Housing for Community Based Rotations

02-90-035: OHSU Approvals of Student-led Outreach Activities and Initiatives

02-90-040: Use of Anatomical Material for Instructional Purposes

02-90-045: Covered Individuals Receiving VA Educational Assistance

02-90-050: Learner Placement in Clinical and Professional Settings

02-90-055: Composition and Training of Admissions Committees

Affirmative Action and Non-Discrimination

03-05-025: Affirmative Action Goals

03-05-048: Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation


03-10-005: Recruitment and Hiring

03-10-011: Background Check

03-10-015: Drug and Alcohol Testing

06-60-015: Relocation Expenses

03-10-080: Performance Appraisals

Faculty Appointments

03-15-020: Faculty Series and Ranks

03-15-025: Faculty Appointments

03-15-040: Faculty Qualifications

Promotion and Tenure

03-20-001: Eligibility for Tenure

03-20-005: Initial Appointment for Faculty on Tenure

03-20-010: Timely Notice for Tenure

03-20-015: Post-Tenure Review

03-20-020: Promotion and Tenure Committee

Employee Benefits

03-25-080: Employee Discounts and Personal Use of Institutional Resources

Terms and Conditions of Employment

03-30-001: Academic Freedom

03-30-110: Workplace Training

03-30-145: Employees as OHSU Students

03-30-150: COVID-19 Immunizations and Education

03-60-005: Personnel Records of Unclassified Employees


03-50-001: Faculty Grievance

03-50-005: Unclassified Administrative and Research Employee Grievance

03-70-005: Procedures for Sanctions or Termination

08-10-001: Marketing and Communications Authority

08-10-003: Media Relations

08-10-005: Internal Communications

08-10-010: Marketing and Promotion

08-25-001: Brand Integrity

11-20-010: Acceptable Use of Computing and Telecommunications Resource

12-70-010: Authorship Attribution