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Ride the tram up to OHSU’s Marquam Hill Campus for a spectacular view of the Willamette River and South Waterfront Campus.

You’re curious. You’re bold. You’re a lifelong learner striving toward a career in health or science. Your path starts here.

OHSU is the only place in Oregon where scientists, health care providers and public health experts — current and learning — come together to change the world. Join us.

Choose your path

With 55+ programs, many offered nowhere else in the state, OHSU is a destination for transformational learning. You can find the right fit here for your career or research goals.

Learn about our degree programs in a range of health and science disciplines. 

Financial aid

We offer financial support, including:

Success from the start

Our top-tier programs will prepare you to care for people in your local community or take your skills anywhere in the world.

  • Our first-try pass rates for senior-level credentialing exams are 99% for the M.D. exam and 88% for the nursing exam (5% above the national average).
  • We’re at or above average for other exams, too, for dentists, pharmacists, physician assistants, dietitians and more.
  • 100% of our medical school graduates matched for residencies in 2023 — and more than a third are staying in Oregon.

Wellness support

We care about your well-being. Our programs are rigorous, but we strive to make sure you can balance your education with everything else that matters to you.

Resources include:

Many of our programs offer support tailored to the unique needs of students. For example, the M.D. program OASIS advises and supports medical students on wellness, academics and career planning.

Unique learning environment

Two students in scrubs, gloves, and masks arrange surgical equipment on a tray.
A simulated brain surgery experience allows students to work through real-life scenarios in a controlled learning environment.

Your path is your own. With five schools and dozens of programs, it’s easy to follow your curiosity and goals wherever they take you. You’ll find:

A state-of-the-art simulation center where you can safely practice new skills and experiment with new techniques in a realistic setting.

A flexible approach to earning a Ph.D. in the biomedical sciences. You’ll experience different disciplines and meet faculty, then choose the research focus and mentor that are right for you.

Master’s and certificate programs in research, public health and health care administration that you can earn on their own or combine with earning an M.D., Ph.D., D.M.D. or D.N.P.

An interprofessional education model that lets you learn about, from and with other students. Students across programs, schools and institutions take a foundational course together. You’ll learn about communication, ethics, patient safety and collaborative care.

Immersive clinical experiences in rural health settings. Students across programs can practice together in a rural Oregon community. You’ll better understand health disparities and what impacts community health.

More faculty than students. With more than 3,300 faculty and fewer than 3,000 students, OHSU makes it easy to find and work alongside someone who inspires you.

World-class education

Many OHSU faculty members are known worldwide for their research or innovations in clinical care. You’ll learn from some of the nation’s best medical and scientific minds.


Research is a critical part of OHSU’s mission, in every school and program. Read about our research breakthroughs.

  • The School of Dentistry ranks 8th in the nation in NIH NIDCR research funding.
  • Scientists at the School of Medicine attracted $393 million in research funding during the 2022-2023 fiscal year.
  • At the School of Nursing, faculty members are studying health equity, patient responses to illness and treatment, safe care delivery and more.

Clinical care

We are Oregon’s only academic medical center and Oregon’s top-ranked hospital. We treat the most complex cases in the state. Our clinical programs put students in clinics treating real patients from the start.

Scholarships available

OHSU offers a variety of scholarships that can help you fund your education.

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Apply to OHSU

Join us in changing the future of health and science.

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Living in Portland and Oregon

Find out what our state has to offer.

Where all are welcome

Everyone is welcome at OHSU. We are committed to recognizing and dismantling racism in our structures and systems. We cultivate a safe and inclusive learning environment, and encourage students to apply who can enrich the diversity of our student body. This includes students who:

  • Come from racial or ethnic backgrounds other than white
  • Come from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Come from rural areas
  • Are first-generation college students


27% of students are from under-represented racial or ethnic backgrounds.


About 1 in 4 faculty are from racial or ethnic backgrounds other than white.

Fact book

Check out our fact book to learn more.

OHSU is committed to anti-racism and social justice. Learn about our priorities: