Education at OHSU


Refer to the published Academic Calendar for add, drop, and withdrawal deadlines.

Drop/Withdraw from Classes

You can drop classes online until the last day to drop classes according to the published academic calendar. Dropping a class means the class is removed from your record and will not show up on your transcript. You will receive a 100% refund. (If you have trouble dropping your course online, email for assistance.)

You can withdraw from classes after the last day to drop classes and up until the last day to withdraw from classes according to the published academic calendar. Withdrawing from a class means the class will remain on your transcript with a grade of W, WP, or WNP, depending on the date of the withdrawal and your progress in the class. You may or may not receive a refund, depending on the date of the withdrawal.

Registration Holds

Why is there a hold on my account? How do I get it removed? 
Most registration holds are due to an unpaid balance or because you have not completed all compliance activities such as uploading proof of vaccination. You can see a brief description of the hold in Student Self-Service.  

Be aware that not all holds prevent you from registering for classes.


I just registered for classes. How do I get added to the Sakai site?
When you register for a class, you are automatically added to the Sakai site. However, you should expect a time lag of up to 24 hours. You can find information about how to get help with Sakai here:

PSU Joint Campus Registration

Admitted graduate students at OHSU may take graduate courses offered by Portland State University through the Joint Campus registration process. Only specific courses are approved for this joint campus arrangement, and the approved course list is updated once a year. Students must have permission from the instructor of the PSU course as well as their home department to participate.