Education at OHSU

Educational Improvement and Innovation

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Our Mission

The Office of Educational Improvement and Innovation promotes and advances the reflective, scholarly and innovative endeavor of teaching at OHSU and beyond. We help develop the OHSU community as teachers, scholars, mentors and leaders in the health professions to sustain and nourish their careers and become outstanding practitioners and scientists. 

We do this through: 

  • Establishing an educational culture that recognizes and promotes teaching excellence 
  • Advancing interdisciplinary collaboration and cooperation 
  • Preparing faculty to meet assessment and accreditation standards for educational excellence 
  • Cultivating the potential of OHSU to contribute to the growing body of scholarship in health professions education 
  • Recognizing and rewarding faculty members by providing visibility to their work, interprofessional collaborations with colleagues and opportunities to make unique contributions 
  • Providing quality educational services including student support, curriculum design, assessment planning, teaching consultation and more