OHSU Library supports learning, discovery, and health care through equitable access to excellent service, expertise and resources. 


OHSU Library is Oregon's trusted partner in critically and sustainably creating and applying knowledge to improve health for all.

Mission and vision updated June 16, 2022


    We join the entire OHSU community in our shared values of transparency, diversity, quality and service excellenceAdditionally, the Library values of community, equity, integrity and life-long learning, which guide our work, are described below:   

    • Community —We engage with our many communities, listen to their ideas and needs, and advocate to improve their experiences at OHSU; collaboration is one of the ways we grow together as a community.  
    • Equity —We respect differences and strive to provide equitable access to services and resources and an inclusive environment that meets the needs of our diverse communities. 
    • Integrity —We establish trust and transparency with our users through our commitment to providing resources and services that are reliable, ethical, and sustainable.
    • Life-long learning —We encourage and support our community members in learning, creating, and sharing knowledge through inclusive and accessible information literacy practices.

    Values updated May 10, 2022